Hospitality & Restaurant Workers


Do you work in a restaurant or other service/hospitality industry and suspect you are being underpaid?

Here is just a few of the issues we deal with on a regular basis with hospitality industry workers just like you:

  • You have to share your tips with managers or owners.
  • You are paid in tips only, with no hourly wage at all.
  • Your supervisor alters the time clock entries.
  • You do prep work before your shift or stay late cleaning up, but you aren’t paid for this time.
  • When you work overtime, you are paid at time and a half your subminimum wage base hourly rate.
  • You weren’t provided a proper Tip Notice if you’re a tipped employee.
  • Your employer makes deductions from your pay for meals, but you do not get the meal or time to eat.
  • When you pull a double shift for over 10 hours, you aren’t paid the NY state required extra “spread of hours” pay.

The list goes on and on. Employers have all kinds of creative ways to illegally underpay their workers.


Whether you are a server, host/hostess, waiter/waitress, bartender, bar back, expediter, busser, chef, line cook, prep cook, dishwasher, janitor, bouncer, cashier, delivery person, or something else; whether you are in the “front of the house” or the “back of the house”; whether you are tipped or not; whether you are paid “on the books” or “off the books”….


If you are being cheated by your employer, we can get you the money you deserve. Call us now at (212) 961-7639 or send us an email. to discuss your pay-related issues.

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